Modern Campaign Medals for Operational Service

16/02/2021 | Matthew Tredwen

Modern Campaign Medals for Operational Service

Due to the rise in claims of medals relating to service men and women who served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan being stated to be stolen, once they appear on a auction catalogue or dealers list. C&T Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd have taken the decision that we will only offer medals from any campaign after the first Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm), that have been consigned directly by the recipient or the family of the recipient if the recipient is no longer living. Hopefully by keeping to this procedure, it will allow collectors to have confidence that they have legal entitlement to own either the single or group that they have purchased and this will not be able to be contested down the line by the original recipient or family. These restrictions only apply to medals after the 1st Gulf War. 

We understand that many medal collectors are very interested in modern campaign medals but we would advise that every possible effort is made before purchase to check exactly how the item came onto the market.    

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