Fine Coins | Ouwehand Collection & Harborne Collection

06/11/2023 | George Champ

Fine Coins | Ouwehand Collection & Harborne Collection

We are delighted to offer over 130 coins from these two collections which have been graded by NGC with some very fine grades amongst the collections.


The Ouwehand Collection

Nicholas Ouwehand was born in London in 1912 to Dutch parents and grew up around London in the Hampton and Kingston areas for most of his life. He curated this collection of Fine GB coins in the 1970s, buying mostly from Seaby's. Nicholas Ouwehand died in 1993, aged 81, and his collection has been in store with the family on the Isle of Wight until now.

These coins have not been seen on the market for over 40 years, we're delighted to be able to share the collection featuring some very fine examples, with the world once again.



The Harborne Collection

The Harborne Collection features around 100 lots of mostly GB coins that have been gathered over the last 40 or so years. The second part of the collection will appear with us in March of 2024. This first part of the collection features some fine examples of hammered and milled coinage.




View all the fine coins in this exciting auction here: Fine Coins, Watches & Jewellery Auction 

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