In July of 1956 Corgi Toys were introduced to the UK toy market, a new and exciting addition to the die-cast range already available. It did not take long for the range to be sold in large numbers not only in the UK but throughout the world. Since 1956 Corgi have become an iconic and widely recognized brand for some of the most popular models, enabling Corgi Toys to be incredibly sought after and therefore a collector’s item.

They are well known for their model cars made famous from many television shows and films mainly from the 1960’s and 70’s, for example the Batmobile, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and one of the most recognized of all time James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, which still to this day is the biggest toy car ever produced.  

Albeit the Corgi range mainly focused on producing models of cars from manufactures all over the Globe, they did produce many other model vehicles such as military vehicle models – Bloodhound Guided Missile and Launch Pad (1108),  

agricultural vehicle models -64 Forward Control Jeep, complete with farmhand figure and 7 sacks (1965-1969), commercial vehicle models – 452 Commer Dropside Lorry (1956-1963), emergency vehicle models – 437 Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis, competition models – 151A Lotus XI, circus vehicle models – The Chipperfield’s Circus Crane Truck (1121), Corgi Major Toys – 1142 Holmes Wrecker Recovery Vehicle, Corgi Classics – an open 1915 Ford Model T coloured black (9011). From the growing interest and popularity of Corgi, they introduced Corgi Kits, Corgi Cargoes, accessories and catalogues in the early 1960’s. Issuing a series of plastic kits of building and street furniture which conveniently clip-together, adding further play value to their range of model vehicles.

From the success of such additions as the Batley Leofric Garage (601) with opening garage door in May 1960 followed by two street lamps (606), Corgi evolved their annual catalogue, which was produced to promote their range, from a single small fold-out sheet to a colour 48 page catalogue, which is now a collectable item in its own right. Unlike competitors Corgi Toys were always supplied in individual boxes, which featured the model illustrated in the design on the box. The design evolved over time from the ‘window box’, to the box with the angled inner plinth so the model sat at an angle towards the front of the box, to the box introduced in January 1981 with a changed colour scheme of black/yellow/red.

Corgi toys are evocative of the period in which they were produced, allowing them to be much loved by many and a great collector’s item. We have realized great prices at auction for many Corgi models. If you have a collection of Corgi models or just one item, you wish to get valued then do not hesitate to contact us.

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