Band of Brothers Members Steel Combat Helmet

10/01/2022 | Matthew Tredwen

Band of Brothers Members Steel Combat Helmet

Consigned to C&T Auctioneers by a client in the USA is probably one of the most notable items we have offered for sale since we formed C&T Auctioneers in 2013. 

It was just by chance, speaking to a client at a Militaria Show in Pennsylvania in December 2021, that our specialist was told of a helmet which had been picked up by a local “Antique Picker”, described just as a interesting American M1 helmet, our specialist pursued the lead through the length of his stay in the USA, finally after many phone calls and favours pulled, was able to visit the picker and consigned the helmet for our auction in March 2022. 

The helmet turns out to be the original M1 helmet with original painted insignia for Easy Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment named inside to “E J Joint 13135150”. 

13135150 Private First Class Edward “Eddy” Joint was from Erie, Pennsylvania. He served in Normandy, Holland, Bastogne where he was wounded by shrapnel, he then re-joined the unit at the end of the war. A tribute to him after his death gave the following details, 

“A short, but stout Pennsylvanian from Erie, Eddie joined the army specifically to become a paratrooper. He liked the idea of getting $50 extra a month, along with doing something different. He joined Easy’s 2nd Platoon after their arrival at Ft Bragg in mid-1943. The affable rifleman was soon clicking along like he had been with the company since the beginning. 

On D-Day, he landed right near another Erie man and good friend Joe Lesniewski. But the reunion was brief as the two were soon separated in the chaos that accompanied a brisk firefight. Luckily Eddie managed to avoid being wounded despite the fierce combat he was involved in, especially around Carentan. 

He once again suited up and jumped into Holland. Quiet and steady, he did his job and helped the platoon hold the line, especially up on the island. After a short respite in Mourmelon, Eddie deployed to Bastogne. Lady Luck stayed with him until he was wounded outside of Noville (Bastogne) and evacuated. He later returned and finished out the campaign, finally returning home to Erie at war’s end.”

Another account states that he was severely wounded by shrapnel to the right arm at Bastogne, as a result he was taken to a hospital in Paris where he was told that his war had ended. He was said to have broken out of the hospital and hitchhiked back to Easy Company to stay with his comrades till the end of the war. 

After the war he worked as a mail carrier for the United States Post Office for 33 years. He died on 12th May 2012. 

Matthew Tredwen of C&T Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd, is delighted to be able to offer an item belonging to a man who fought in one of the most famous units of WW2. The HBO mini sires and book by Stephen Ambrose “The Band of Brothers” has helped with telling the story and immortalising the men of Easy Company. Although Joint, was not a character featured in the series, he clearly went through all the hardships that the company suffered throughout the war and certainly served in a company of heroes. 

This helmet will be offered in our auction on 9th March 2022, the helmet will have a guide estimate of £5,000 - £10,000

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