Corgi Toys

In July of 1956 Corgi Toys were introduced to the UK toy market, a new and exciting addition to the die-cast range already available. It did not take long for the range to be sold in large numbers not only in the UK but throughout the world. Since 1956 Corgi have become an iconic and widely recognized brand for some of the most popular models, enabling Corgi Toys to be incredibly sought after and therefore a collectors item. They are well known for their model cars made famous from many television shows and films mainly from the 1960’s and 70’s, for example the Batmobile, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and one of the most recognized of all time James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, which still to this day is the biggest toy car ever produced.  Albeit the Corgi range mainly focused on producing models of cars from manufactures all over the Globe, they did produce many other model vehicles such as military vehicle models – Bloodhound Guided Missile and Launch Pad (1108),  agricultural vehicle models -64 Forward Control Jeep, complete with farmhand figure and 7 sacks (1965-1969), commercial vehicle models – 452 Commer Dropside Lorry (1956-1963), emergency vehicle models – 437 Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis, competition models – 151A Lotus XI, circus vehicle models – The Chipperfield’s Circus Crane Truck (1121), Corgi Major Toys – 1142 Holmes Wrecker Recovery Vehicle, Corgi Classics – an open 1915 Ford Model T coloured black (9011). From the growing interest and popularity of Corgi, they introduced Corgi Kits, Corgi Cargoes, accessories and catalogues in the early 1960’s. Issuing a series of plastic kits of building and street furniture which conveniently clip-together, adding further play value to their range of model vehicles. From the success of such additions as the Batley Leofric Garage (601) with opening garage door in May 1960 followed by two street lamps (606), Corgi evolved their annual catalogue, which was produced to promote their range, from a single small fold-out sheet to a colour 48 page catalogue, which is now a collectable item in its own right. Unlike competitors Corgi Toys were always supplied in individual boxes, which featured the model illustrated in the design on the box. The design evolved over time from the ‘window box’, to the box with the angled inner plinth so the model sat at an angle towards the front of the box, to the box introduced in January 1981with a changed colour scheme of black/yellow/red. Corgi toys are evocative of the period in which they were produced, allowing them to be much loved by many and a great collectors item. We have realised great prices at auction for many Corgi models. If you have a collection of Corgi models or just one item you wish to get valued then do not hesitate to contact us.


Dinky Toys

Founded in 1935 Dinky Toys die-cast zamac miniature vehicles, produced by Meccano Ltd, are recognized around the world as collectors items, and are incredibly popular within the world of vintage toys. From their pre war days where they produced  a series of railway and trackside accessories to complement their O scale (1/45) Hornby Trains model train sets. They were first given the name “Hornby Modelled Miniatures”, but in the April 1934 issue of Meccano Magazine they were given the name ‘Meccano Dinky Toys’, and in the August of 1935 the name Meccano was dropped and they were given the name Dinky Toys.  At this time Dinky Toys introduced six vehicles, which included  a sports car, a sports coupe, a truck, a delivery van, a farm tractor, and a tank, at this time they were all cast in lead. Soon after this success a Dinky model car was available individually, this was a sports car based on the MG Magic Midget.  Dinky’s real popularity grew post war and these are the toys they are most recognized for today. A new series of toys was introduced in 1938, series 36. The majority of these models were produced post WW2. Models in series 36 included, a Rover Saloon, a Bentley 2 seat sports coupe, an Armstrong-Siddeley limousine, a British Salmson 4 seater convertible, a British Salmson 2 seat convertible, and a Humber Vogue coupe. Dinky Toys not only produced toy cars and trains, there are many collectable military vehicles such as the Dinky 151a Medium Tank. Toys relating to aircraft, for example  Dinky no. 63, Mayo Composite Seaplane. They also had a period where they produced toy ships, one example being the Dinky 50a HMS Hood. The opening chapter for the ‘golden age; of Dinky Toys was with the realease of the 40 series, which were all British Saloons, for expample the Dinky 40a Riley Saloon. From this came the Super Toys -Dinky Supertoy No. 923: Big Bedford Van “Heinz”,  the Car Lines which included No. 192 Desoto Fireflite, Dublo Dinky –  No. 073 Dinky Dublo Land Rover. With the growth in popular culture came the  Television and Movie related Dinkys such a No. 100 Lady Penelope’s FAB1. They are also known for producing a series of Dinkys which are country-specific models such as the French Dinky Nestle’s laitier (milk) truck or the Spanish No.509 Fiat 850. Like any other toy brand Dinky Toys are more sought after the rarer the model and the better the condition. If you have a collection of Dinky Toys or just one item you wish to get valued then do not hesitate to contact us.


Matchbox is another well known brand amongst the popular die-cast toy names. Introduced to the UK in 1953 with their first 1-75 miniature range which included a dump truck and a cement mixer completed the original three-model release that marked the starting point of the mass-market success for the Matchbox series. At first mainly British models were added, and continued to be added to the range, including cars such as an MG Midget TD, a Vauxhall Cresta, a Ford Zodiac, to name a few.  With the growth of the line Matchbox introduced more international manufacturers including models of Volkswagen, a Citroen, and American makes. To keep up with competitors ‘Hot Wheels’ in 1969 Matchbox introduced Matchbox Superfast, the Superfast models had different wheels to the regular models. Over the years the popularity of Matchbox grew and in order to reap benefits from this period Matchbox introduced multiple new lines, including the Sky Busters range of aircraft (incl. current and historic private, commercial, and military planes), Battle Kings military models, Sea Kings naval models, Adventure 2000 science fiction models, and the Two Packs series, which revisited the traditional Matchbox idea of a model and an associated trailer. Matchbox became the most widely collected of all the die-cast toy lines. They remain incredibly popular and in demand today in the world of toy collecting. In the 70’s Matchbox recognized the demand for their models within the collecting world and they began to seek contact with collectors, sending representatives to collectors’ meets, providing information to the various collectors’ clubs, and informally surveying collectors’ needs. This then enabled them to create several models especially aimed at the collecting world, the most notable being a Yesteryear model, the black Y-1 Model T Ford.  The collecting of Matchbox is primarily driven by three main factors, like all other collectable toys, rarity, condition, and the popularity of the model. The packaging is not only an additional factor but can change the value of the item dramatically if still intact and in mint condition. If you have a collection of Matchbox toys or just one item  you wish to get valued then do not hesitate to contact us.

Toy Soldiers 


Famous for their early lead toy soldiers, Britains eventually evolved with the times producing plastic toy soldiers in the late 1960’s replacing lead. We at C&T have found a niche market for plastic Toy Soldiers within our auctions.Saying this we are always interested in lead Toy Soldiers.  Although Britains are acclaimed for their Toy soldiers the company did diversify into other associated areas for example diecast zamac military trucks and agriculture vehicles. Do not hesitate to contact us if  you have lead or plastic Britain Toy Soldiers which you wish to get valued.


Timpo first appeared on the Toy scene in 1938 producing different toys made mainly out of wood, bakelite and composition until the end of WW2. After the war, came the era that Timpo introduced their hollowcast metal Toy Soldiers to the toy market. This is what the company became recognised for and still are today. Similar to Britains, Timpo soldiers changed in the mid 1950’s from metal soldiers to plastic. Today they are a popular collectors item within the vintage toy market. Just like Britains it is all about the condition and the popularity of the model. Do not hesitate to contact us if  you have lead or plastic Timpo Toy Soldiers which you wish to get valued.

Other manufactures of interest within the Toy Soldier market are Airfix, Crescent, Lonestar, Benbros, Johill co, to name but a few. We are always interested in any Toy Soldiers. Get in contact with us today regarding any Toy Soldiers you may have.

Tinplate Toys

Tinplate toys, or tin toys or tin lithograph toys, is a toy made out of tinplate that is mechanical, either clockwork or battery operated. They are usually colourfully painted and resemble a character for children to find aesthetically pleasing, or a vehicle. Tinplate toys became increasingly popular in the early 20th century as their lightweight enabled them to be easily shipped at a lower price than the heavier cast iron toys. Around this time Germany was the major producer of Tinplate toys, the most famous being Lehman. After the second world war Japan became a major manufacturer of Tinplate toys producing many classics, most notably Robots. Nice examples of Tinplate toys command very good prices, and we are always looking for consignments to be added to our sales. If you have a collection or one item of tinplate toys which you wish to get valued then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Tri-ang Toys

In the early 20th Century the Lines Bros Ltd introduced Tri-ang toys to the world, which when at it’s peak, was claimed to be the largest toy maker in the world. The hey days for the company came post world war two where the manufacturing of toys redeemed once again.  The company had many product lines, in the early days it was wooden toys which they did keep a float throughout the later years producing dollhouses, toy forts, a Noah’s ark with wooden animals, along with a small range of wooden soldiers. The company had it’s own railway system, the Rovex system which when marketed was known as Tri-ang Railways. In the mid 1960’s tri-ang joined forces with Hornby producing model train and tracks marketed as Tri-ang-Hornby. Not only famous for their train sets, Tri-ang produced Minic tinplate cars. Minic Motorways were a system of HO scale road vehicles, that slotted on to a plastic roadway and moved their way round the track. Tri-ang were aiming for a toy that was as realistic to a car going round a racing track. The vehicles got there power from a small wheel known as a Gimbal wheel. Vehicles were controlled by a hand-held controller, over time this system evolved into what we know as Scalextric. The range of vehicles for Minic Motorways included a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, a Humber Super Snipe, a Routemaster bus, a Shell petrol tanker and a towtruck. As Minic expanded so did the products, a range of trackside accessories such as a petrol station and a ferry enabled the players to build town around the system, enabling a more life-like experience. In the late 1950’s Tri-ang had their own range of die-cast vehicles known as Spot-On, which were produced from 1959-1967. Like Dinky and Corgi toys Tri-ang wanted Spot-On models to be as true to life as possible, as well as serving as a toy. Spot-On models were well made and heavy, they had great attention to detail but were robust toys. Among serious collectors some Spot-On models can command high prices depending on the rariety of the model, the condition and the packaging. Tri-ang also produced a range of 1/1250 scale of model ships. Many Tri-ang toys have reached high rices at auction and are incredibly popular within the collecting world. We are constantly looking for Tri-ang toys, whether you have a collection of Spot-On Models or Tri-ang trains and railways or Tri-ang ships that you wish to get valued then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


Not only was Tri-ang a manufacturer of trains and railways kits, but so was Hornby in its own right before being bought out by Tri-ang, and later on regaining it’s original brand name. Hornby Railways date back to 1901, they are a British model railway brand. They released their first clockwork train in 1920 with a 0 gauge. After much development the first safety conscious electric train with a reliable system was produced in 1930. Despite the invention of the electric train, for Hornby clockwork 0 gauge trains remained the mainstay. Hornby train’s were aesthetically very British. Under the name Hornby Dublo the OO scale trains were introduced in 1938. They were made of die-cast metal and tin-plate. This range was well planned and included both electric and clockwork models. This successfully consolidated 12 V DC as the standard for OO scale, which became the broadly accepted modeling standard in the UK. Trains and railways sets from Hornby and Tri-ang have realised good prices at auction. We are always interested in trains and railway sets, whether you have a collection or one item that you are wishing to get valued then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Action Figures

The collecting of action figures has been very popular since the 1960’s when the phrase ‘Action Figure’ was first coined, not only amongst children, but has gained credibility within the vintage toy collecting market. One of the most famous action figures of all time is ‘Action Man’. Launched in Britain in 1966 based originally on the Hasbro G.I Joe figure from 1964.  The first Action Man figures available were Action Soldier, Action Sailor and Action Pilot, all were available in the original four hair colours Blonde, Brown, Auburn and Black. The early Action Man was accompanied by outfits portraying United States Forces of WWII and the Korean War. In the later years Action Man’s uniform and accessories would more accurately represent the UK forces. Action Man has been everything from a Sailor, a Soldier, a Dessert Fighter, an Adventurer, to a Spaceman to many more. This diversity of the models it what has made him so popular amongst collectors, many Action Men figures reaching great price at auction.  Another very popular range of action figures which are famous within in the toy collecting market are the line of Star Wars action figures produced by the Kenner toy company. With over 100 unique action figures being produced and sold between 1978-1985.  The popularity of the films transferred through to the popularity if the action figures, after the initial release of twelve figures, a number of vehicles and playset accessories were introduced. Since the high demand period of Star Wars figures in the late 70’s to mid 80’s the action figures have remained incredibly popular in the collecting world. Both Action Man and Star Wars figures can receive high price at auction, it all depends on the rarity of the model, the condition and the packaging. Get in contact with us today regarding any Action Man models or Star Wars models you may have that you wish to get valued.

Other Toys

Another popular make within toy collecting is Meccano.  Meccano enables the building of working models and mechanical devices, first created in the early 20th century by Frank Hornby, as in Hornby trains.  In the early 1900’s saw the introduction the the first Meccano sets, these were construction kits containing  of perforated metal strips, plates and girders, with wheels, pulleys, gears, shaft collars and axles for mechanisms and motion, and nuts and bolts to connect the pieces.  Meccano’s heyday came in the 1930’s where the original nine basic Meccano outfits (numbered 00 to 7) were replaced by eleven outfits, labelled 0, A to H, K and L, the old No. 7 Outfit becoming the L Outfit. The L outfit is regarded as the best of the Meccano outfits. We have been successful with Meccano sets in our auctions, if you have a collection or one specific item of Meccano that you wish ti get valued then do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you have any other toys of interest which we have not mentioned then do not hesitate to get in touch.