Next Military Auction Tuesday 17th October 2017

Highlights From Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th July Military Auctions

Lot 117: Emotive WW2 Royal Air Force Casualty Grouping of Flight Sergeant N H Johnson Who Was The Air Gunner That Was Killed on the Bombing Raid in Which His Flight Engineer, Norman Jackson Was Awarded His Victoria Cross, Estimate: £800 – £1,200

Lot 273: Rare Officers Silver Hong Kong Volunteer Corps Scottish Company Cap Badge, Estimate: £200 – £300

Lot 520: Rare Attributed WW2 S.O.E / Special Forces & Royal Signals Parachute Jump Wing and Associated Ephemera, Estimate: £300 – £500

Lot 611: Victorian Yorkshire Dragoons Troopers 1871 Pattern Dress Helmet, Estimate: £700 – £1000

Lot 687: Great War Royal Field Artillery 1917 Shoulder Rank Uniform with Equipment and Ephemera Attributed to Lieutenant H S Percy, Wounded Twice on the Western Front, Estimate: £400 – £600

Lot 822: Rare Pre 1938 NSDAP Kreisleitung Department Head Car Pennant, Estimate: £800 – £1200

Lot 1005: WW2 British S.O.E Secret Agents MCR-1 Biscuit Tin Radio Transmitter, Estimate: £1200 – £1600