Antique Arms & Armour Auctions

2016 saw a time of unprecedented growth for us in the field of Antique Arms & Armour.  During the year we have received strong support from around the globe, but particularly from the near and far East, and from Russia.

Enquiries continue to flood in for our 2017 sales, and we welcome this level of support and the challenges it brings with it.  We seem to be enjoying a growing reputation for sourcing collections and individual pieces from private vendors anxious to maximise their assets, and the key to this has been establishing sensible estimates.  We are always willing to cooperate with such vendors in order to promote strong results beneficial to all parties concerned.

2017 should be an interesting year for everyone, and we take this opportunity to wish all out clients both old and new a Happy New Year.

Our next Antique Arms & Armour Auction is scheduled for 25th April

Do you have a large collection? Special single owner collection sales can be arranged by C&T Auctioneers, please call our office to discuss the various services we can offer to you. 

We have clients eagerly seeking the following type of items:

17th & 18th Century Indian Swords and Daggers

Imperial Russian Swords, Dirks and Antique Guns

Early Ethnographical Weapons

Fine Quality English Swords and Guns

Naval Swords and Dirks

Islamic Arms and Armour including those from Persia and Ottoman Turkey

Indian Dagger Pesh Kabz, mid 19th century

Sold for £1,200

Ethiopian Sword Shotel, broad blade 

Sold for £2,000

Russian Dagger Kindjal, 20th century

Sold for £440


Indian Sword Tulwar, 19th Century

Sold for £1,000